Team Auckland Halberg Games 2019


We think every child/youth with a physical disability should have the opportunity to take part in regular physical activity and sport, and we believe that the Halberg Games provides a fantastic opportunity to get involved!

Our goal for 2019 is to have the biggest Parafed Auckland Team to ever attend the Halberg Games!

We will be running and promoting a wide range of sports and activities prior to the Games to build some of the skills needed during the event, as well as to encourage regular physical activity. 

We want to get everyone moving and excited for the Games and we believe it is a great way to build on the Parafed Auckland Team Spirit.


For 8 - 21 year olds with physical or visual impairments. Some of the local activities have certain age requirements but we hope there's something for everyone. 


The Halberg Games is an annual event run in October each year. Check out the Halberg Games website to see what it’s all about and watch this space for more information to come about out 2019 Parafed Auckland Halberg Games Training Programme and events.

With the momentum built from the 2018 Games, we cannot wait to get going again!


contact details


Phone: 09 270 2503