You have just participated to one of our activities.

This questionnaire will be used to access sport and recreational activity participation levels at Parafed Auckland. It will also collate information on the types of activities that members would like to participate in, in the future.

This is your chance to help us to help you!

1. Are you a Parafed Auckland Member?
2. How many activities have you attended this past year?
4. Where did you first hear about Parafed Auckland?
5. Would you say that the activity was...
5. Would you say that the activity was...
Easy to get to
Difficult/ expensive parking
Difficult public transportation
Food/ drinks outlets and staff adequate
A good choice of activity
Comfortable area to rest
9. Did the activity live up to your expectations?
10. Including yourself, how many people are in your group today?
11. Who are you here with?
15. How likely are you to attend a Parafed Auckland Activity in the next 3 months?
Parafed Auckland certify that this questionnaire was conducted in accordance with the Code of Professional Behavior and that that information won’t be sold to any tier-part.