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Parafed Auckland - A New Strategy for 2019 - 2022

Parafed Auckland has launched a revamped strategy that sets a new direction to improve the lives of people with disabilities across Auckland.

The purpose is to ensure the charity can thrive, inspire trust and strengthen participation in sport and recreation by all disabled Aucklanders.

Recent arrivals to the Parafed Auckland Board along with our experienced existing members have brought wave of new opportunities for the charity. The board’s first strategic priority has been to map out the core purpose and priorities for the organisation until 2022.

The strategy priorities inclusion and quality recreation and sport experiences for people living with disability as the main focus for the organisation. This will ensure the organisation has the maximum impact for its members but also on the wider goal of creating more inclusive communities

“Our new vision and mission ensure that Parafed Auckland is fully inclusive and the associated actions make this a unique strategy for disability sport. Whilst we cannot do everything for everyone, we remain strong in our promise that: if it’s not us that can help, we will find out who can”

Tom Smith, CEO.

Our Statement sets out and explains 4 new strategic pillars. They are:

·       What we do – our day to offer to members and clubs

·       What we say – how we communicate to members, clubs and stakeholders

·       How we fund it – how we make it all possible

·       Who and what we know – our data, insights and the impacts

“It has been a privilege to lead this important piece of work and I would like to thank all the members, clubs and sporting organisations who contributed thoughtfully to the process. “

Tom Smith, CEO.

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