Blog writers wanted

Are you about to try a new activity of sport? Do you want to highlight some of the cool stuff you do? Are you looking for a way to contribute to the Parafed community?
Parafed Auckland is now recruiting for blog writers, to highlight some of the awesome activities that our members take part in, and help to encourage others in the community to get out and try new things. 
While a huge focus for Parafed Auckland is sport, we also have a strong membership base who get out and do all sorts of different stuff, like community events, international travel, motor sport, extreme sports - you name it, our members are into it. 

These blogs are all about us highlighting you, and what you are doing, but in a context that others will find entertaining and informative. And maybe even provide an inspiration for others to get involved in something similar. 

In an effort to make sure the quality is high, Parafed Auckland is willing to contribute $100 to the costs of any activities for those that have their blog published. If you are interested please email today to talk about your next adventure!