Parafed Auckland Junior Programme


We think every child/youth with a physical disability should have the opportunity to take part in regular physical activity and sport. This is why we're launching a programme offering a range of fun activities and sports where kids can get involved, learn new skills and meet other young people with physical disabilities.

We will be offering a range of activities and sports to try, giving kids a chance to try things out and find what they are most passionate about and may want to pursue beyond the programme. Get in touch with us to find out more information.


This will be a monthly programme with regular sessions which will give participants the chance to experiencerange of sports alongside other kids with physical impairments. We will have sessions at different venues around Auckland, with some activities being more recreational based.

The sessions will be designed to give everyone, no matter what their ability, an insight into different activities and develop the fundamental skills and physical literacy that will enable them to excel in sports and activities further.

With a fun and friendly environment with a great introduction to physical activities alongside other young people with impairments and disabilities, there is sure to be something for everyone.


The programme is open to anyone ages 5+ who is looking to have an introduction to regular participation in physical activities alongside other young people with disabilities. 

We aim to ensure that everyone has a great time and realises their own potential to progress further in their chosen pathways towards participating at a higher, eventually competitive level.

Family and whanau are welcome and encouraged to attend, queries about this programme are welcome.

The first session of the programme is Sunday 29th October from 4-5:30pm. Session times and days may vary throughout the programme and sessions are held once a month.

The first session will be an introduction and programme launch. This will be held at the Auckland Rehabilitation Spinal Unit at 30 Bairds Road, Otara. Future venues are to be confirmed.


There is no initial cost for participation in the programme, and there will be no cost for the first two sessions. Future sessions may incur costs if we hold sessions at particular venues with special activities, but we aim to keep fees for the programme at a minimum. 


How to sign up

Please fill out the following form to register for the programme. A member of our team will then be in touch to confirm your registration.

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Phone: 09 270 2503