The Adaptive Yogi

Jen is 'The Adaptive Yogi' and specializes in adapting yoga to suit ALL bodies - including those in wheelchairs

She is offering a welcome to you to join her signature’ adaptive yogi’ class to rejuvenate body and mind. Welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental - “if you can breathe, you can do yoga”

In this class we adjust the poses to fit the body - not the body to fit the poses. With a focus on breath awareness, Jen will guide you through gentle movement, balancing, stretching, opening & strengthening - all helping to improve co-ordination, circulation, joint health, mental health…..& much much more! We always finish with a deeply rejuvenating guided relaxation for calm, peace & restoration.

ALL bodies, age, ability, size, injury, gender, recovering from surgery, arthritic or in a wheelchair - are more than welcome and will absolutely be catered for.

FRIDAYS 9.30-11am

Glenfield Senior Citizens Club, 7 Mayfield Ave. GLENFIELD

$10 cash per class